Interview with CleanPlate on SBS Australia

A few weeks ago, we have been approached by one of the SBS radio journalists, who was interested to find out more about the CleanPlate business idea and our biodegradable and compostable tableware.

CleanPlate Interview with SBS Australia

Two days later we met in the SBS studio in Sydney’s St. Leonards where I gave an interview to lovely Svetlana.

I have never been interviewed before and was a bit nervous at first, but Svetlana assured me that there was nothing to worry about. She was so professional and guided me throughout the whole process.

First, we spoke about the idea of CleanPlate and how it was born. I told Svetlana that I was looking for a business idea that would resonate with my own beliefs about sustainable living and the one I would feel truly passionate about.   

I did a lot of research on different eco-friendly products that would help reduce plastic waste and that’s how I came across Biotrem edible plates.

Biotrem originated in Poland and was founded by Jerzy Wysocki, the son of a Polish miller. The idea came from having to deal with the vast amount of wheat bran at the mill. Wheat bran is a by-product of milling and usually is being disposed of. Looking at the large quantity of this fibre, Jerzy thought that it would be great to reuse it - nowadays we would say to upcycle. 

However, it wasn't an overnight success, and first many people didn't support his idea to make tableware out of wheat bran, saying that many had tried it before but no-one succeeded...

You can read the full story here on SBS website

Oh, and did I mention you can hear me speak Russian? 

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