CleanPlate on the front cover of The Manly Daily

We were super excited to be featured on the cover of Sydney's Northern Beaches newspaper The Manly Daily in September!

One of the journalists found our business idea on introducing biodegradable and compostable edible plates to Australian consumers very interesting. We had a brief conversation on the product, the technology behind it and in just three days the article came out. 

Needless to say, my girls were absolutely pumped to appear on the cover and there was hardly anyone on the day who didn't mention it to them. 

CleanPlate launched in August 2019 and we are still very new and don't have massive audience, therefore such support from local community in invaluable for us as a new business. 

The article described how the idea came about, the process and technology of producing 100% natural wheat bran plates and key features, such as the fact that the plates can decompose pithing 30 days without industrial composting facilities.

That doesn't mean that they won't last once you purchase them- shelf life of the Biotrem edible plates is at least three years. 

Bryn Kay, the newspaper's journalist, was impressed that our plates are made of a by-product of the milling industry, which means the compostable tableware is not only way better than plastic, but is also good for the environment as it reduces waste, which otherwise would have been disposed of. 

Another feature which sets the wheat bran tableware apart from plastic is that it's microwave and ovenproof. 

Bryn did an amazing job covering key aspects of the product and even had a quick chat to Maya, who said that "the plates are really cool and it's cool how you can eat them".


The article by Bryn Kay came out on the 10th of September 2019 in the The Manly Daily (Sydney's Northern Beaches).

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